Thursday, March 4, 2010

Even The Score And Run For More

Hi. My name is Kit Kelley. I'm a singer and songwriter. I've written a bunch of new songs, which I hope people will enjoy. I've written songs before but this is the first time I'm really trying to get them out to the larger world. As of this exact moment, only three people in the world have ever heard the new songs, but that's changing. A local record store called Zia is putting together a local compilation so in the morning I'm going to submit a couple of my new songs. I'm a little terrified but I'm going to give it a shot.

So, the new songs. The ones going to Zia tomorrow are "Jenny Said" and "Kiss and Tell". "Jenny" is a sort of power-pop thing with some "Walk On The Wild Side" do-doo-doos thrown in. The results of a particularly unusual evening on the road. "Kiss and Tell" is an old-school soul song that's equally full of shady innuendo. I sang my ass off for that one so I hope it works.

There are two others I put up on MySpace. Zia's entry form wanted a MySpace address, so...yeah. "Neon Lights" is a retro soul/disco/WTF song--either insanely catchy or insanely annoying, but I like it. And "I Want You Back" is another powerpop/powerpunk song about wanting your ex back even when your ex was not so good for you. It sounds live, but full disclosure--it's fake live--I sang and played most of it live in the studio but the crowd noises were just me being silly. So just a disclaimer: I have not played Budokan. Yet.

Tonight I'm working on a much more complex song, a little mini-faustian-epic that tells the story of one particularly misguided gentleman and his misdeeds. It's got a lot of moving parts but I'm hoping a few more days and I'll have it done. Sparks (the weird and wonderful Ron and Russell Mael) has always been one of my favorite bands and I'm hearing their influence on some of this stuff.

In answer to your unasked question--it's just me; I write, sing and play everything myself (though I do use some drum loops and drum machines to supplement my mediocre drumming). At some point I'm hoping there will be an actual band, because I would love to play this stuff live, but I definitely can't do that on my own.

Lots more going on, lots of songs in progress. More soon. For now, I need to sleep. Thanks for stopping by. If you want to check out the songs they're at or

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